About Us

We founded CaJa Popcorn because we are passionate about fresh, delicious, and interesting popcorn flavors, and we want to share this passion with our customers. We believe that great popcorn doesn’t require heavy oils, large quantities of butter, or preservatives, so we enlisted an acclaimed local chef to help us create recipes that focus on great flavor and top quality ingredients. The result is a variety of sweet, savory, and spicy CaJa flavor options with a Southern flair.

about-us-2What makes CaJa Popcorn different? In addition to our dedication to gourmet popcorn and our insistence on using high quality ingredients, what sets us apart is the freshness of our popcorn. You can be assured that within moments of placing your order our popcorn was freshly popped and packaged just for you.

What, are you nuts? Well, yes, maybe we are, but we don’t use any nuts in our popcorn. We want our customers to be able to enjoy our popcorn and share it with others without having to worry about nut allergies.

Where does the CaJa name come from? Family is a priority for us, so it made sense to start there when creating our name. The founder’s children, Caroline and Jack, bring joy to everyone around them, and we hope that our popcorn has the same effect.