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We love Popcorn

Our Story

   Meet our Chief Popper   

We started as a small storefront on Peachtree Road in 2012. Our goal was simple, to produce a fresh and flavorful popcorn by hand using only quality ingredients from chef-driven recipes. Our family continues this mission today - bringing you the same flavorful, honest, small-batch popcorn as the day we first opened our doors.

Our Mission




We mean what we say and we say what we mean. We don’t use any artificial colors or unnecessary inclusions. We are family-owned & love serving Atlanta.

We love popping!

So much so that we do it in small batches for each order we receive because we only want you to experience our popcorn at its finest.

Our Poppers are dedicated to continually experimenting with new flavor combinations to provide a one of a kind experience that is regionally inspired.

   To provide a great snack for everyone that is   

Our Clients Agree

"Caja Popcorn makes absolutely wonderful popcorn, and the customer service cannot be beat."

- Sam Stokes

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CaJa is honored to support our community

in partnership with Purposeful Products & Meals on Wheels,

as well as the Georgia Together non-profit

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