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Value Variety (12-Pack)



Kettle Corn

Spicy BBQ

Buffalo Ranch

Pimento Cheese

Vadouvan Curry

Sea Salt Caramel


please add 12 more!

Perfect for sharing at parties with friends, family, co-workers at the office etc., or when your providing snacks for a small army!


Experience your custom selection of our flavors with the combination of pimento cheese, sea salt caramel, and spicy bbq. Add your preferred flavors below.


  • Pimento cheese is our take on a cheesy southern classic.
  • Just like your favorite hometown barbeque, our spicy bbq is finger licking good, with a kick that will make even the toughest cowboy's mustache quiver.
  • Our caramel and sea salt go together like peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, Georgia and football. 

  • Kettle Corn can turn any workday into a party. Crispy and sweet, without the need to buy a carnival ticket or stand in line. 

  • We have unconfirmed research that your football team is more likely to win when you're snacking on Buffalo Ranch Caja Popcorn, don't let your team down this season. 

  • Vadouvan Curry willl bring out the debonnaire in anyone - but be careful - side effects can include causing you to start using hard to spell French words to describe things, urges to read leather bound journals with a monacle, and starting a pocket square collection.


Does not include gift packaging.


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