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Nick McCormick

Our Chief Popper

About Nick

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CaJa Popcorn started in Atlanta, Georgia with founder Kevin Peak, who set out to create a family-owned, unique, chef-driven, gourmet popcorn company for the community. Kevin reached out to local Chefs for help, one of those chefs was Nick, a classically trained chef who has worked for and with some of the best chefs from around the globe. Nick loved creating fun and unique flavor profiles, featuring CaJa Popcorn on his menus. He was also fond of giving it to friends and family as gifts. When Kevin wanted to move in a different direction, Nick was the obvious choice to take on the role of Chief Popper and keep CaJa Popcorn family-owned and community-focused. Kevin is still involved in the company and serves as an avid brand ambassador as Nick continues to build on the legacy he established.

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I love popcorn because it is the perfect vehicle to experiment with unique and distinct flavors - and share those flavors with others. 

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